COVID-19: 3 Tips for Getting Your Vaccine

Here are some guidelines for knowing when and where you're allowed to get vaccinated.

COVID-19: Find Out How You Can Get Vaccinated

There's a lot of information circulating about the COVID-19 vaccine that it can be confusing to know when, where and even if you're allowed to get one. Here are three tips to help you sort through the details and your local rules.

Verify If You're Eligible
Visit your county, city or state health department website to determine if you are currently eligible to get a vaccine. If you are, sign up on that website and find out when the appointments open up for booking. Go back to the site a few minutes before that time and keep refreshing the screen so you can see them right when they open. Even if you can only get an appointment that's weeks out — take it.

And if you're not eligible, pre-register for a shot.

Check With Your Hospital or Doctor
Also try checking with your primary doctor or local hospital. If there is a special number to call, add it to your phone or put it on speed dial so you can call fast and keep trying if the line is busy. Call the exact moment the appointments open up — many places book their appointments all at once.

Check Social Media
Look through local Facebook groups and local news sites to see what businesses are offering the vaccine. That could include your local grocery stores or pharmacies.

Will You Get COVID-19 This Year? Calculate Your Risk.

Will You Get COVID-19 This Year? Calculate Your Risk.

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