How to Ease Your Anxiety in These 3 Post-Pandemic Situations

From going back to an office to shopping in crowded stores, leaving the house after the pandemic can come with a lot of anxiety. So wellness and self-care coach Deepak Chopra has the bets and simplest steps you can take to ease your nerves in three common post-pandemic situations. And he'll show you an easy meditation to do at bedtime so you can get the sleep you need to face your anxiety during the day.


7 Sneaky Summer Stressors & How to Beat Them

When the heat's got you down, here's how to stay cool as a cucumber.

Summer is supposed to be full of sunshine and relaxation. But as the temperatures soar, our patience goes down. Here are some stress points you may not realize are taking all the happiness out of the season — and what to do about them so you can enjoy time with your friends and family.

The Heat

OK. The fact that the heat is stressing us out isn't that much of a secret. But it goes beyond just being hot and uncomfortable. Burning up can leave us feeling irritable, impatient, and short-tempered. Check the thermometer. Your bad mood might not have to do with your family. Here's a quick way to get a temperature check on yourself.

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