How to Ease Your Anxiety in These 3 Post-Pandemic Situations

From going back to an office to shopping in crowded stores, leaving the house after the pandemic can come with a lot of anxiety. So wellness and self-care coach Deepak Chopra has the bets and simplest steps you can take to ease your nerves in three common post-pandemic situations. And he'll show you an easy meditation to do at bedtime so you can get the sleep you need to face your anxiety during the day.

In 1985 when quarterback Joe Theismann had his fibula and tibia shattered by a tackle, it ended his NFL career — a career in which he'd suffered seven broken noses, a broken collarbone, and broken hands and ribs. "People would say that it was a tragedy… but…it was a blessing," he's said. "I'd become somewhat of a self-absorbed individual and didn't really care much about a lot of things except myself. And ever since that day…I've tried to be a better person."

Yes, Chronic Pain Alters Your Personality

All that physical pain can make it difficult to be your best self. That's been confirmed by a study in the European Journal of Pain. Seems people with chronic pain, have very low levels of the personality-influencing neurotransmitter glutamate in their frontal cortex, triggering emotional dysregulation and increasing anxiety.

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