The 10-Day Belly Slimdown Plan

Weight-loss expert Kellyann Petrucci shows you how to tackle stubborn belly fat in less than two weeks.

Whether you have a cupcake bulge, muffin top, or anything in between, you can trim and tighten your belly just by eating a few key foods. Naturopathic doctor and weight-loss expert Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, the author of The 10-Day Belly Slimdown, calls them "slim-gestion" foods and these filling foods help you slim down by healing your gut and digestive system. Learn how to incorporate these "slim-gestion" foods and flatten your belly in as little as ten days.

1. Eliminate "Belly Bloater" Foods

"Belly bloater" foods are trigger foods that can cause bloating, gas, and inflammation and once you cut them from your diet, you'll leave room for more gut-friendly foods that won't leave you deprived. For at least ten days, skip "belly floater" foods such as alcohol, artificial sweeteners, beans, dairy, gluten, high-salt foods, high-sugar fruits, soft drinks, and sugar.

2. Eat Within a 7-Hour Window

Instead of fasting all day long, Dr. Petrucci recommends mini-fasting, or eating only part of the day. Limiting your eating to a seven-hour schedule each day can boost your metabolism and help your body burn more fat. Mini-fasting can also help lower your stress and improve your sleep. Not sure when works best? Start with an 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. eating window and make adjustments as you go.

3. Drink Bone Broth for Breakfast

Inexpensive and easy to make, bone broth helps satisfy you early in the morning with anti-inflammatory nutrients so you won't be starving right after you wake up. Dr. Petrucci refers to this morning ritual as the "broth burning phase" where your body begins to burn stored fat. You can make a big batch of bone broth at home so you'll have enough broth to drink during all ten days of the plan. If making your own broth isn't feasible, you can substitute with store-bought bone broth with no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

4. Eat "Slim-Gestion" Foods for Lunch and Dinner

During the rest of your eating window, reach for nutritious "slim-gestion" foods that support your gut. "Slim-gestion" foods, like non-starchy vegetables, help keep your digestion and metabolism running optimally.

5. Stock Up on "Belly-Blasting" Foods

In addition to "slim-gestion" foods, rotate "belly-blasting" foods into your lunch and dinner meals every day. "Belly-blasting" foods, such as avocado mayo, creamed coconut, and egg white powder, help lower inflammation and insulin, while balancing leptin levels in the body. The hormone, leptin, triggers your body's hunger response and when leptin levels are normal, you'll be less inclined to overeat.


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Q: I end up overeating because it makes me feel better and I never really get full. I'd like to lose weight but this makes it hard. Any suggestions?

A: Being persistently hungry can cause big trouble. So can overeating for comfort/pleasure. These two behaviors, say researchers from Baylor University's Children's Nutrition Research Center, are controlled deep within your brain by serotonin-producing neurons, but operate separately from each other — one in the hypothalamus, the other in the midbrain. They both can, however, end up fueling poor nutritional choices and obesity.

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