This Is What a 2000-Calorie Plan Looks Like

Find out what to eat by using this handy guide.

This Is What a 2000-Calorie Plan Looks Like

If you want to lose a few pounds or simply improve your wellness habits, determining how many calories to eat per meal can be really helpful. This 2000-calorie meal plan serves as a general guidepost to help get you started. With the help of registered dietitian Megan Casper, M.S., RDN, owner of Nourished Bite Nutrition, you can choose from two different options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. As always, consult your doctor before starting any weight-loss plan to make sure it suits your needs. Once you get the hang of making these meals, you can start mixing and matching different ingredients to keep things fresh and find your favorite combinations. By eating well-balanced meals full of protein, fiber, and healthy fat, you will stay satisfied longer and give your body the nutrients it needs.

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If you’re jonesing for something sweet, try a parfait with kefir, chopped banana, and topped with granola and walnuts. If you’re lactose intolerant you may want to give this probiotic a try since research has found it can actually improve lactose intolerance. Kefir also packs an even bigger probiotic punch than yogurt to keep your gut healthy and help you stay regular. If you lean more towards savory snacks, avoid the chips and try a small salad of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil that’s both decadent and filling.

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We all love a good cup of coffee to wake us up in the morning. But that routine drink may be doing good things for your health. Turns out, drinking coffee could help you do three big things: burn fat, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, and boost your mood. Watch the video below to see how, plus three ways to spice up your coffee with adding calories!