3 Clean Protein Sources — Ranked!

Get an expert take on choosing clean protein.

3 Clean Protein Sources — Ranked!

Most people believe that meat is protein and protein is meat, but it's just not that simple. Common protein sources like meat, dairy, and eggs actually have no fiber so they can potentially back up your digestion and sometimes even pollute your body with toxins. Instead, wellness expert and author Kathy Freston recommends getting as much protein as possible from beans, grains, and vegetables, all sources of clean protein. Here are Freston's top three clean protein picks, ranked based on their accessibility, flavor, and versatility.

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Pea-Based Plant Protein Powder

Unlike milk-based proteins, pea-based protein powder doesn't contain casein (a protein that has been linked to cancer) and is not inflammatory. One scoop gives you everything you need, 30 of your recommended daily 50 grams of protein. It usually tastes the best of all plant protein powders, so it's great for people who haven't tried one before. Most people throw the powder into a morning shake, but Freston recommends adding it to oatmeal, baked goods, or even your coffee.

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