3 Smoothie Boosters You Need to Try

These special ingredients will take your smoothie to the next level.

3 Smoothie Boosters You Need to Try

Smoothies make a great breakfast, snack, lunch, or dessert any day of the week. They’re quick and easy to make and offer a foolproof way to eat more fruits, vegetables, and even legumes. Power up your smoothie repertoire with these smart smoothie boosters that will energize and support your body from the inside out.

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The Smoothie Booster for Satiety

Is your 7 a.m. breakfast smoothie keeping you going until noon? Make sure you’re including nutrient-dense ingredients in your smoothie recipes, such as white beans, which will satisfy you all morning long. White beans provide a boost of protein and fiber and because they’re also a low-glycemic ingredient, they can help lower your blood sugar response for both your morning and afternoon meals. The beans have a neutral taste and add an extra creaminess to any shake. Give them a try in this banana and white bean smoothie.

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