The 3-Step Plan to Cut Back on Carbs

Use this plan from Dr. Kellyann Petrucci to successfully cut carbs without suffering from the "low-carb flu"!

The 3-Step Plan to Cut Back on Carbs

The "low-carb flu" is the phenomenon that causes you to experience flu-like symptoms for the first 3-4 days after you cut carbs. It happens for a reason. Protein and fat provide energy, but they're more long-term, where carbs are your body's main source of quick energy; when you abruptly give up carbs, your blood sugar will plummet. Carbs are also your main source of fiber, so cutting them can lead to constipation, nausea, and bloating. Finally, you lose a lot of water weight once you cut carbs, which can be a good thing for starting to lose weight, but if you don't replenish those water stores, you'll become dehydrated and experience headaches and weakness. Though there are good reasons for all of these symptoms in response to carb loss, it's frustrating! How can you lose weight if the only way to feel better is to eat carbs again? The answer: Use this plan from weight loss expert Dr. Kellyann Petrucci to stick to your diet without suffering!

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Up Your Protein

On the third day, reduce the amount of fruit and starchy vegetables you're eating and add high protein sources and non-starchy vegetables. The last two days, you were weaning off carbs by replacing all the processed carbs with high-carb fruit and starchy vegetables. If you want to truly go low-carb and get all the associated benefits, you still need to reduce the amount of starch and natural sugar you're getting, which will be a lot easier now that you're more used to a new diet. You also should maximize protein to maximize results; instead of an apple and nut butter for a snack, Petrucci recommends nitrate-free turkey jerky and celery with nut butter instead.

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