5 Benefits of Grapefruit Juice

Add this citrus fruit to your daily routine.

5 Benefits of Grapefruit Juice

By Reina Berger

Out of all the fresh produce in the grocery store, grapefruits are too often overlooked, thanks to their reputation for being somewhat bitter tasting. However, the health benefits in this citrus fruit far outweigh the cons, making grapefruit juice an excellent addition to a healthy diet. Just be sure to juice the fruit yourself to get all the vitamins and nutrients and none of the unhealthy sugars that come from the store-bought variety.

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The pectin in grapefruit may help lower your cholesterol if you include this juice as part of a healthy diet. Some studies have shown that regular consumption of pectin helped lower LDL cholesterol, though as always it’s important to maintain a healthy diet as well. While pectin doesn’t come from the juice, it is in the seeds, membranes, and the thick white pith of the grapefruit, so you can eat the grapefruit whole in addition to juicing it for the full effect.

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