5 Dairy Substitutes You Can Eat on a Dairy-Free Diet

Go dairy-free with these easy food swaps.

5 Dairy Substitutes You Can Eat on a Dairy-Free Diet

By Toni Gasparis

Do you have digestive issues? If so, dairy may be the reason behind your stomach pain and constipation. Discover the signs you should be on a dairy-free diet, how to eliminate dairy from your life, and the delicious food swaps you can try.

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Signs You May Need to Go Dairy-Free

Your body uses different symptoms to signal that you may need to go dairy-free. If you have an intolerance to dairy products you will most likely find out due to digestion issues that happen around the same time that you consume dairy. If you have an allergy to dairy it is because you are allergic to one of the main proteins found in dairy, casein or whey. Your symptoms will most likely be more extreme, such as trouble breathing or a skin rash, in addition to digestion issues.

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