5 Healthy Foods You Can Make in a Blender

Did you know your blender is built to handle more than smoothies? Find out more today.

5 Healthy Foods You Can Make in a Blender

If you want to make the most of your blender, try expanding your horizons instead of sticking to the same old smoothies. These handy tools are made to do so much more than we give them credit for! From soups and sauces to ice cream, the possibilities are endless.

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Snack on Banana Muffins

This hearty and healthy treat is super easy to make in your blender. All you need to do is blend ingredients such as oats, bananas, eggs, Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and a sweetener of your choosing the way you would if you were making a typical smoothie. Once the batter is free of lumps and evenly mixed, you just pour the contents into a regular muffin pan and bake for 10 minutes.

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