20 Breakfasts You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less

Simple, quick, and nutritious recipes for those busy mornings.

20 Breakfasts You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less

Don’t let hectic days get in the way of your breakfast: These fast recipes, from avocado toast to toad in a hole, are both healthy and simple to prepare. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, there are nutritious breakfast options here for you that can be prepared in five minutes or less. So, give these recipes a go to add some spice to your daily routine!

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Cereal and milk (preferably non-dairy) is a great option for the face-paced lives we tend to live; it’s quick, easy, and requires no cooking whatsoever. Cereal also contains a good amount of fiber and protein, so it’ll keep you full for the rest of the morning. Just make sure the cereal has less than 10g of sugar and at least 5g of protein.

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