5 Supermarket Secrets You Need to Know

Get insider tips to hack the way you shop.

5 Supermarket Secrets You Need to Know

Going to the grocery store is a routine part of so many lives, but these regular visits can really break the bank over time. A recent decade-long investigation of grocery stores has led to revelations that may forever change the way you approach buying food. With the help of author and entrepreneur Michael Ruhlman, we are going to uncover the best ways to save money and be healthier when you shop. Check out these five secrets to learn something new and spread the word to your loved ones.

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They Aren't Trying to Trick You

While we’ve all heard rumors that the supermarket uses tricks to fool you into spending more money, Ruhlman says that’s simply not the case. One myth states that stores keep milk in the back area to force us to walk through all the aisles and pick up items we normally wouldn’t buy. The truth is, milk is near the back because that’s the logical place to put the giant coolers that they are stored in. If you do feel like you pick up a lot of non-essentials on your quest for basics like milk and bread, you can try making a list ahead of time to stay on track. Also, try looking up, down, left, and right when browsing the shelves, instead of focusing only on the items that are right in the center. You may find a more affordable product that is just as tasty but is simply in a less desirable spot because the company can't afford the stocking fee to be center stage.

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