5 Supermarket Secrets You Need to Know

Get insider tips to hack the way you shop.

5 Supermarket Secrets You Need to Know

Going to the grocery store is a routine part of so many lives, but these regular visits can really break the bank over time. A recent decade-long investigation of grocery stores has led to revelations that may forever change the way you approach buying food. With the help of author and entrepreneur Michael Ruhlman, we are going to uncover the best ways to save money and be healthier when you shop. Check out these five secrets to learn something new and spread the word to your loved ones.

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Investigate the Labels

A lot of the choices consumers make at the grocery store can be driven by habit or a lack of information. Puhlman says the term “whole grains” has become a huge buzzword in the supermarket industry and snacking companies are happily adopting it in their packaging content. The problem is that whole grains are often ground up into a flour and added to crackers or chips, creating the illusion of healthiness when that isn’t always the case. When the grains are ground up the healthy aspects fall to the wayside. Before you go to the store, research the ingredients and nutrients in the snacks you want to buy so you can come prepared and avoid wasting money on health halo foods.

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Want to help lower your risk of getting cancer? The answer could be in the food you eat! Dr. John Whyte, chief medical officer at WebMD and the author of "Take Control of Your Cancer Risk," says there are three kinds of foods that could really help prevent cancer: garlic, fish and grapes. And what three kinds of foods should you avoid? Red and processed meats, refined grains, and alcoholic and sugary drinks. Watch the videos below to learn more about how food could be connected to your cancer risk.