6 Healthy Foods That Wreck Your Diet

Find out which foods are secretly fattening.

6 Healthy Foods That Wreck Your Diet

We all know that ice cream, cookies, and cake are major diet-offenders, but as it turns out there are tons of healthy foods that can also cause your scale not to budge. While some foods are nutritious on their own, when portion sizes get out of whack and too many toppings get added, a normally sensible meal can quickly turn ugly. Here are six healthy foods that may be wrecking your diet without you realizing it.

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Frozen Yogurt

When the frozen yogurt craze first hit the scene, may healthy eaters rejoiced that they now had a nutritious option for dessert. However, depending on the type of frozen yogurt you get, it may have way too much sugar in it to benefit you. Look for yogurt chains that have all natural Greek yogurt on the menu, and when choosing toppings go for fresh fruits instead of crushed cookies and candy.

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