7 Flat Belly Hacks You Need to Try

Get a flatter belly in just a few simple steps.

7 Flat Belly Hacks You Need to Try

If you are tired of feeling bloated and puffy, you are in luck. Chris Powell, author of Extreme Transformation, can help you look and feel your best in just a few simple steps. While regular diets can help you lose fat all over your body, these tips specifically target your midsection. Unlike some quick fixes that are only temporary, these hacks will help your tummy stay flat and continue to get flatter over time. After today, you won’t have to dread wearing a tight dress or squeezing into a tight pair of jeans ever again.

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Squash Your Hunger

Powell recommends eating “muscle-up oats” which are a great source of fiber and will keep you fuller longer so you can have a flatter stomach by day’s end. The secret ingredient he recommends is raw egg. When you whisk an egg into the oats it will add protein which is proven to stabilize blood sugar and increase satiety. The yolk also has choline, which slows down the production of leptin, a hormone that causes hunger and snacking.

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