7 Salad Toppings to Avoid

Skip these add-ins next time you're at a salad bar.

7 Salad Toppings to Avoid

By Reina Berger

Salads often have a “health halo effect”, making it possible to consume way more calories and fat than you realize. A genuinely nutritious salad requires the right toppings to earn the title. Find out if your salad add-ins are accidentally sabotaging your weight loss efforts and health goals.

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While it’s easy to see the appeal of bacon bits when it comes to building a delicious salad, it’s hard to forgive the sodium and fat that go hand-in-hand with this topping. If you’re longing for a smoky flavor in your lunch, you can ask for low-sodium smoked turkey instead. If it’s crunch that you’re after, ask for a few slivered almonds, chopped apples, or pumpkin seeds instead.

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