8 Sugar Substitutes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Find out how you can sweeten your food without using table sugar.

8 Sugar Substitutes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We know that sugar in large quantities isn’t good for us. It can be hard to find ways to replace that sweet taste in the things you make and the foods you eat. Find out eight alternatives you can use to replace table sugar.

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Date Sugar and Paste

Date sugar is made from dehydrated dates that have been ground up. It’s similar in consistency to brown sugar and can be used in many of the same settings. If you’re using date sugar, you may need less of it than the usual amount of table sugar because it’s slightly sweeter. The sugar may also contain trace amounts of some minerals. Date paste is naturally high in fiber and has a caramel sweetness and is full of potassium, iron, and B vitamins.

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