9 Ways to Safely Heat Up Your Food

Use these tricks and tips to prevent yourself from unwanted chemicals and foodborne illness.

9 Ways to Safely Heat Up Your Food

By Toni Gasparis

Microwaves are super handy tools to heat up leftovers when you're in a rush. But microwaving foods in plastic containers can be super harmful to your health. Plastic containers that are labeled microwave safe-only guarantee that they will not melt in the microwave. However, the chemicals in the plastic can still leach onto your food when it's warming up. Use these tips to make sure you're heating up your food the healthy way.

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Be Careful When Defrosting Meat

Many people use their microwaves to defrost meat. While this is a handy trick, raw meat is a breeding ground for bacteria. Use two separate plates when microwaving frozen meat -- one for the frozen meat and one for the meat after it's been cooked. Make sure to throughly wash and santize your microwave afterwards so bacteria doesn't make it's way into other food you heat up.

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