What to Do Every Hour of a Holiday Party to Avoid Weight Gain

Follow these tips round the clock to avoid holiday overeating.

What to Do Every Hour of a Holiday Party to Avoid Weight Gain

By Toni Gasparis

It’s that time of year – the time of lots of parties and the overeating that comes along with it. While the holidays can be an exciting time to see family and friends and have some fun, they can also cause a lot of stress for fear of gaining weight. Use these tips from Dr. Oz’s trusted experts to arm yourself with the hourly tools needed to make sure you get through each party this season without added guilt.

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9 a.m.

Make sure you go to bed at a decent hour the night before the party you are attending so you can wake up in the morning refreshed and energized. Nutritionist Maya Feller stresses the importance of good quality sleep all the time, but especially during the holiday season. A good night’s rest will ensure that your sleep deprivation doesn’t cause bad lapses in judgment when it comes to food choices.

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