The Best Chain Restaurant Steaks — Ranked!

Find out which budget-friendly and tasty steaks are Oz-approved.

The Best Chain Restaurant Steaks — Ranked!

Can a juicy and delicious steak be healthy as well? The Dr. Oz Show teamed up with Dr. Sonali Ruder, also known as "The Food Physician," and go-to tester Rhenotha to pick the best steaks at your favorite chain restaurants. The steaks were judged on three factors — the price, the nutritional offering, and of course, flavor. See which steaks made the cut!

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The Oz Test

To meet the Oz-approved criteria, all steaks have to be budget-friendly and under $25. When it comes to the nutrition breakdown, each of the steaks has to be under 400 calories and contain seven or fewer grams of saturated fat. Finally, the steaks all have to be juicy, buttery, tender and have a good char flavor.

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3 Secrets for Choosing the Best Rotisserie Chicken at the Store

How can you know you're getting one that's fresh, juicy and crispy?

The rotisserie chickens at the store can make a great, quick dinner for the family. They can also be good pre-made bases for many recipes! But when they're all sitting together in the same case, how can you know you're getting one that's fresh, juicy and crispy? Here are three insider tips for choosing the best chicken.

1. Reach for the Back

Go for a chicken that's in the back of the case. Because the store typically loads the case from behind, you can bet the chickens in the front will have been sitting there the longest.

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