The Best and Worst Chain Restaurant Salads — Ranked!

Find out which salads to enjoy and which to avoid.

The Best and Worst Chain Restaurant Salads — Ranked!

When trying to eat healthier at a fast food restaurant, many of us turn to salad under the assumption that it’s a healthier choice than fried chicken or burgers. Unfortunately, some salads are loaded with so much fat and so many calories they can actually undo all your hard work. With the help of consumer expert Lisa Lee Freeman, we have investigated some of the most popular chain restaurant salads to determine which ones are the worst offenders and which one passes the Oz Test for nutrition.

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The Oz Test

The Oz Test was used to measure popular chain restaurant salads using the following criteria: Salads must be 500 calories or less, five grams of saturated fat or less, and 1,000 mg of sodium or less. While Dr. Oz typically recommends far less sodium in a given meal, he acknowledged that chain restaurant salads with less than 1,000 mg of sodium are nearly impossible to find. Of the four salads tested, only one passed this test. Read on to find out which one made the cut.

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