Here's Why You Can't Poop on Vacation

And how to get things moving.

Here's Why You Can't Poop on Vacation

Ever wonder why can't poop when you need to on vacation? Or what about going too much and dealing with diarrhea. Turns out, there are actual health reasons for our summer vacation poop problems. Dr. Oz explains what happens inside your body when you experience these issues and what you can to do keep things moving in paradise.

Vacation Constipation

Nuts May Be Your Best Snack to Help Maintain Weight Loss — Here's Why

It could also help lower your heart rate and bad cholesterol.

Is trying to lose weight — and keep it off — driving you nuts? Well, maybe it should drive you to nuts. New findings published in the journal Nutrients highlight the power nuts may have on successful weight loss.

Nuts vs. Pretzels

UCLA researchers put 95 overweight or obese folks ages 30–68 on a diet that provided 500 calories less than needed to maintain their resting metabolic rate for 12 weeks, then maintenance for another 12. The diet included 1.5 ounces of mixed nuts for half the group and pretzels for the others (both "snacks" delivered the same amount of calories).

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