The Ultimate Food Label Guide

Decode food labels easily at the grocery store with this guide.

The Ultimate Food Label Guide

With so many options in grocery stores now, checking out food labels can be confusing—not to mention time-consuming. Find out what all those labels actually mean with this food label guide. Here, you’ll find out which fish has more mercury, which chicken is the best one for you, what kind of milk you should buy for your family, how you can benefit from different nut butters, and lots more.

Fish Labels: Wild Salmon

All of the wild salmon in the stores is Pacific salmon. That means that they were caught in the wild instead of being raised in pens. This salmon is meatier and leaner since it has to swim upstream, and it’s fresh only from May to October. There are frozen options out there that are just as good as fresh salmon.

You've heard of red wine and white wine but have you ever heard of blue wine? This blue version of wine is given a taste test to see how it compares to the classics.