What to Expect When You Lose Weight

Gas, cravings, and irritability can all come with weight loss.

What to Expect When You Lose Weight

By Toni Gasparis

Weight loss can do a lot of good for our bodies. Physically, it can help relieve stress on our organs and it can lessen our chances of developing health issues. Mentally and emotionally, it can improve our mood and confidence levels. But there are some things that happen with weight loss that could be viewed in a negative light while you are on your journey. While you may experience these bumps in the road, losing weight is a worthwhile pursuit, especially if it means improving your quality of life and overall health. Make sure you are fully prepared for all the aspects of weight loss by reading this guide from fitness writer and nutritionist SJ McShane and speak to your physician before making any major changes to your diet.

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You Will Have Cravings

You may find that once you have vowed to cut something (or many things) out of your diet that you crave them all the time. This is a normal part of the weight loss and dieting process that indicates your body was chemically addicted to the foods you have given up. This is most common when eliminating processed food or junk foods that contain a lot of sugar, fat, and carbs which are unhealthy for the body. McShane explains that “When we eat certain foods, they can release endorphins that give us a relaxing or happy feeling. When the body no longer is consuming these foods to spike hormones, chemical cravings begin.” Luckily, once you push through and adapt to healthy eating these cravings will subside. If you need help ignoring cravings but don’t seem to have the willpower to quit cold turkey try out substitutes. For example, if you get a craving for sugar or candy have a small piece of dark chocolate (at least 75% cacao) which is full of antioxidants to help quiet your brain.

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