Cesar Millan’s #1 Rule When You’re Dog Is Hogging the Bed

You should set boundaries with your dog so they don't learn it's OK to invade your space.

Cesar Millan’s #1 Rule When You’re Dog Is Hogging the Bed

We all love a good night's sleep with our dog cuddling next to us. But when your pup has stretched out in max relaxation and you're suddenly left with the smallest slice of space on the edge of the bed, things aren't so great anymore! So how to you reclaim your bed when they just won't budge? This is renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan's rule you need to live by.


"This is what we have to understand, the difference between inviting versus invading," Cesar told Dr. Oz. "It's ideal to make sure that we ask a dog to wait at a distance from the bed until we ask him to come into the bed. What happens when a dog claims the bed, is because he's not waiting for their humans to invite him into the bed. This is very common when a dog understands his routine. He gets to where the human is going to go way before the human arrives. He ends up invading the space of the human."

Now, don't let this discourage you from sleeping with your dog in the bed altogether. You just need to see those boundaries with them.

"It's perfectly fine to sleep with a dog. Dogs do everything together. They sleep together, walk together, play together. Everything is together. But at the same time, we do have a right to ask a dog where do we want them to sleep, especially in the bed, so we can have an amazing rest," Cesar said.

So how do you tackle that when pup has already made an indentation in their favorite spot on the mattress? You're gonna want the leash.

"You can always [bring] the leash back so you can bring her out of the bed. Once she feels that that's not what you want, and then she's going to go find her own bed. I'm pretty sure you have dog beds in your house. Just right now, she doesn't understand not to join you in the bed. Many times, you just got to [bring] the leash back and bring [the dog] back out of the bed. So she says, 'OK, what you don't want is for me to come into the bed right now,'" Cesar explained.

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Dr. Oz and his dog, a yellow lab named KhaleesiDr. Oz and his dog, Khaleesi

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