Natural Cures to Keep Calm


Feeling anxious and tense? Dr. Oz has natural cures to take the edge off and soothe your worries.

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  • Alzheimer's-Fighting Hot Wild Salmon

    Can food fight off Alzeimer's? Studies indicate that a diet rich in folate, found in leafy greens like spinach and kale; vitamin E, found in almonds and hazelnuts; and the Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon may lower your risk by more than 1/3.
  • Alzheimer's-Fighting Spinach-Walnut-Citrus Salad

    The power in Alzeimer's-fighting foods lies not only in eating them, but in eating them together. Try this flavorful combinations.
  • Dr. Oz's Brain-Boosting Smoothie

    A power breakfast like no other, the 5 ingredients in this smoothie will keep your memory sharp, your mood elevated and your energy high.
  • Dr. Oz’s Brain Cubes

    These frozen smoothie cubes are full of omega-3s and acetylcholine, both critical for brain health. This recipe is incredibly simple to make and take on the go. Click here for more practical preventive health tips.
  • Brain Foods That Fight Alzheimer's

    Practicing a healthy diet is more than counting calories – it’s about choosing the foods that will most fully benefit your body and mind. These brain foods have the power to build your brain up and prevent cognitive decline and the onset of crippling conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

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Join Maria Menounos as She Cares for Parents With Cancer, Diabetes & COVID in Powerful Video Diary

It hasn't been easy, but she's dedicated her life to helping them — and loving them.


Maria Menounos has been caring for her parents for years. Her dad has type 1 diabetes, with his blood sugar levels often dropping dangerously low. And her mom was diagnoses with Stage 4 brain cancer, or glioblastoma, in 2016. As if that wasn't enough, she never thought she would also see them hospitalized with COVID-19. It hasn't been easy, but she's dedicated her life to helping them — and loving them. Go inside her emotional journey in a powerful and moving video diary. She's sharing it all to help others find the strength they need in their own journies.

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