We uncover what's really in the most popular poultry meals that go from microwave to your table in minutes. And, the healthiest choices to stock up on. Plus, can marriages that fall apart during the pandemic be repaired?

Amir Arison of "The Blacklist" also stops by. He has produced and directed the documentary "Tati," which follows Tatianna Bernard on her journey as she creates a short film while undergoing treatment for a medulloblastoma brain tumor. The documentary was produced with the nonprofit production company Angelight Films, which gives children with brain and spinal cord tumors the opportunity to make their own short films. Click here for more information on Angelight and to donate.

Do You Know What's in Your Frozen Chicken?

How to tackle the nation's other health crisis: the tried-and-true lifestyle plan to shed pounds fast without dieting. Plus, Montel Williams on his COVID-19 vaccine decision and battle with PTSD. And, The Dish at Home has healthy makeovers for a breakfast fave – pancakes!

How to Get Healthy & Get Rid of Your Pandemic Weight, Part 1