From loss of taste and smell to fatigue, we examine why some people still have long-term side effects. What you can do now to help recover from them. Plus, The Real's Jeannie Mai on her scary emergency surgery and the shocking rise of anti-Asian hate crimes since COVID.

How to Get Over Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms

The Best Hack for Getting That Last Bit of Peanut Butter Out of the Jar

Never waste even an ounce of peanut butter again!

A jar of peanut butter is creamy gold in many kitchens. It's all pb&j's and apple slices until you suddenly reach the bottom of the jar — desperately trying to scoop it all out before you give up and lick the mess off your peanut butter-covered hand.

Now, those days are gone. This is the best and only hack you need to finally get that last bit of peanut butter out of the jar.

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