Episode Playlist: Meet the Controversial Sperm Donor Giving It Away — 77 Babies & Counting!

The headline-making serial donor reveals why he does it for free for women all around the world, but is it legal or ethical? Plus, recipients open up about why they chose to get pregnant by him.


Dr Oz: Why Telemedicine Is Here to Stay — and Improving Health Care

Virtual doctor appointments became mainstream during the pandemic, and I feel the trend will continue.


Telemedicine, or virtual doctor's visits, was already on its way to becoming an important part of the healthcare system. But the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for virtual doctor's visits, making telemedicine completely mainstream. In fact, one study, published in Sept. 2020 in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, found that in New York, telemedicine visits increased 8,729% during the height of the pandemic compared to the previous year.

But now that more people are getting vaccinated, will telemedicine stay as popular? I think it will.

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