We investigate the shocking case of Lawrence Ray, who is charged with preying on his daughter’s roommates, sex trafficking students at her school, and extorting money from them. We speak to former N.Y. police commissioner Bernie Kerik about his past relationship with Ray, who served as the best man at his wedding. Plus, did a paramedic slowly poison his wife with eye drops so he could live a secret double life and collect on her life insurance policy?


J&J Vaccine and Blood Clots: What to Know If You Already Got the Shot

Six cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis have been reported among the 6.8 million people who received the J&J vaccine.

After the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was associated with cases of "rare and severe" blood clots, the U.S. government recommended officials pause giving the shot. But nearly 7 million people have already received the vaccine. So the news has a lot of people wondering if they should be concerned and what they need to look for.

The short answer: "Don't panic."

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