The government may soon recommend healthy people wear masks in public, but the Surgeon General claims masks do more harm than good. Dr. Oz breaks down the conflict: do we all need medical-grade masks, or can face coverings like bandanas protect you? Plus, Dr. Oz goes inside NYC hospitals in the “war zone” – including one pediatric emergency department turned into a makeshift COVID-19 isolation unit.


From Cerebral Palsy to Olympian: How This Athlete Beat the Odds

Nick Mayhugh, a world-class athlete in USANA's "Winner's Circle," is showing you how he fuels his body and ambition.

Nick Mayhugh grew up playing soccer like most American kids do. But unlike most kids, he had the elite skills to match his deep passion. He perfected his play, practiced into the nights and dedicated his young life to the sport. For him, that meant secretly compensating for physical effects he was told were normal growing pains but that he knew weren't, like numbness on the left side of his body. So he pushed harder than the others, learning to play with just his right limbs and teaching himself to walk without a limp.

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