When it comes to your jeans, hair, and bed sheets, do you really need to wash them? We bust your biggest misconceptions in our hygiene experiment. Then, if you’ve tried everything under the sun to get dirt, grime, and gunk off your favorite household items but can’t, we have the amazing cleaning hacks you should try.

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What to Eat in a Day: Paleo-Vegan Combo Diet for Weight Loss

Reap the benefits of both the paleo and vegan food plans with the pegan diet from Dr. Mark Hyman.

After a year of inactivity in quarantine, with stress levels at an all-time high, a lot of people are looking to reboot their diet and lose some weight they may have gained during the pandemic. Dr. Mark Hyman, author of "The Pegan Diet," says a good way to restart is combining the paleo and vegan diet. The "pegan" diet focuses on nutrient-rich produce and quality animal meats to help prevent disease, improve heart health, decrease inflammation, balance hormones and increase energy.

So how can you make the switch to the pegan diet? Here's what to eat in a day. Remember this countdown: 5-4-3-2-1.

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