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  • Dr. Oz's Supermarket Survival Guide

    Originally aired on 04/02/2012

    Dr. Oz's guide will have you shaking up your shopping cart! Three experts take you shopping for the best buys to lose weight and...

  • Warning Signs You're Aging Too Fast

    Originally aired on 03/30/2012

    Dr. Oz and his team of top dermatologists reveal the warning signs of premature aging you need to know! Learn how you can reverse...

  • Transgender Families: When My Husband Became a Woman

    Originally aired on 03/29/2012

    This controversial episode includes husbands, fathers and men who were trapped in the wrong body. Hear about their decisions to...

  • The Best Solutions For Pain!

    Originally aired on 03/27/2012

    Dr. Oz has unconventional, cutting-edge treatments for your back, your neck and shoulders -- even your migraines! Discover...

  • 3 Easy Tests That Could Save Your Life

    Originally aired on 03/26/2012

    Dr. Oz surprises unsuspecting viewers just like you with simple live-saving health tests. Where will Dr. Oz show up next? Have...