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  • 5 Diet Myths Busted

    Originally aired on 11/07/2012

    Dr. Oz busts the top diet myths of all time! Watch as he separates fact from fiction with a series of explosive experiments and...

  • Dr. Oz's After-35 Survival Kit!

    Originally aired on 11/06/2012

    Get all of the essentials you need to feel like you did in your twenties! Dr. Oz and his panel of experts reveal the newest...

  • Turbocharge Your Metabolism For Your Body Type

    Originally aired on 11/05/2012

    Whether you're apple-, pear- or box-shaped, get the customized plan to burn calories faster. Learn how to spark your metabolism...

  • Dr. Oz's Ultimate Shopping List

    Originally aired on 11/02/2012

    Dr. Oz reveals all the inexpensive foods and products he wants in your cart. Learn what to buy at the grocery store, drugstore,...

  • How to Drop a Decade! 5 Secrets to Cheat Your Age

    Originally aired on 11/01/2012

    Turn back the clock on wrinkles, age spots and cellulite – even fake a facelift! From the best foods for your skin to...