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  • Dr. Oz's Worst Fear: A Real-Life Contagion

    Originally aired on 09/16/2011

    Despite the implications of a pandemic circulating through your community, you can protect yourself to a degree. Learn the 5...

  • Are Your Pee and Poop Normal?

    Originally aired on 09/15/2011

    The clue to disease may be sitting in your toilet bowl. Your urine and stool could be giving you valuable information about your...

  • Arsenic Apple Juice

    Originally aired on 09/14/2011

    A shocking investigation by The Dr. Oz Show has revelead that some of the best known brands of apple juice may contain arsenic....

  • Stop the Silent Killer

    Originally aired on 09/13/2011

    Learn the early warning signs of ovarian cancer and the questions you must ask your doctor. Dr. Oz has a one sheet every woman...

  • 5 Steps to Conquering Your 40+ Belly

    Originally aired on 09/12/2011

    Fight middle-age weight gain in just 5 simple steps. Dr. Oz has a plan to banish your belly fat!