Q: Do I have to participate in the urine and stool test demonstration?

A: No. Please note that your participation in this urine and stool demonstration test is voluntary and not a requirement for your attendance at this taping of The Dr. Oz Show.

Q: What will I do with my urine at the show?

A: Only you will handle your urine. We will provide you with gloves and cleansing wipes to help avoid spillage during the demonstration. After the demonstration is complete, we will arrange for the sanitary disposal of your sample.

Q: How will I get the photo of my stool sample?

A: Upon your check-in at the MSNBC.com Digital Café, you will be provided with your stool photo printed out by us. We will not provide your photo to any third parties.

Q: What will you do with my personal information?

A: We will not intentionally disclose any personal identification information about you or your stool sample to any third party without obtaining your permission unless required under law. After the show’s taping, we will destroy our copy of your stool photo.

Q: What advice will I receive about my urine or stool tests?

A: Any advice given on the show or off air by anyone associated with the show is of a general nature intended for entertainment purposes only. The demonstrations performed during the show in no way constitute diagnoses of your health and should not be used in lieu of medical testing performed by your health care provider. You should consult with an outside professional (medical or otherwise) for specific advice regarding your own health.

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