This Food-Exercise Hack Can Help Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Understand how fasted cardio can help you burn more fat and maximize your exercise.

This Food-Exercise Hack Can Help Speed Up Your Weight Loss

The exercise part of our System OZ wellness plan is designed to give you big payoffs with little sacrifice. That's why it utilizes fasted cardio: the science-backed hack to help you speed up your weight loss.

So what is fasted cardio? Let celebrity fitness trainer Percell Dugger explain.

"Fasted cardio means working out on an empty stomach. It's beneficial because it's a simple and effective way to increase the amount of fat you burn during your workouts. Also, working out first thing gets your day off to a great start and establishes a routine," Percell told Dr. Oz.

Plus, fasted cardio can be customized for any ability level.

"This routine is suitable for all levels because it's tiered for everyone, low impact and targets your whole body. I'm all about meeting everyone where they are at. We can start off slow, then add on later — starting anywhere is a win in my book," Percell said.

The #1 Way to Stay Motivated Working Out at Home

The #1 Way to Stay Motivated Working Out at Home

66 Clever Ways to Keep Your Road Trip Healthy

From road trip food to on-the-go health hacks, here's all you need to have a safe vacation from city to city.

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip! But do you wonder how you can stay healthy with all the fast food and potential health issues along the way? Things can go downhill for everyone pretty quickly. Here are 66 clever and easy tips for keeping the trip on track for health and fun.

1. Pack Compact Snacks to Avoid Overeating

Reuse a cleaned creamer bottle or fill up a new tackle box with healthy bites like nuts, seeds, berries, dried fruit, and granola. This way, you'll cut down on multiple snack bags and boxes and won't over-indulge because you can only have a small handful at a time.

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