The U.S. drug supply remains one of the safest in the world. Due to the global nature of the prescription drug supply chain, product safety and quality no longer begin or end at our border. Protecting the integrity of the prescription drug supply chain is a global effort and one of FDA’s top priorities.
Counterfeit drugs may be dangerous to consumers because they may contain no active ingredient; contain too much or too little of an active ingredient; contain the wrong active ingredient; or be contaminated with other harmful ingredients. FDA will remain vigilant to protect the U.S. drug supply from counterfeits and other substandard drugs that often originate from outside our boarders.
Drugs that are purchased from sources that are outside of the legitimate supply chain increase the chance of a clinic, pharmacy or consumer receiving a counterfeit product.
For example, counterfeit drugs are often sold by sources on the Internet.  To arm consumers with information they can use to make informed decisions about the safety of purchasing prescription drugs online, FDA’s BeSafeRx campaign provides the signs of a fake online pharmacy and what should be avoided.  Fake online pharmacies are selling drugs to American consumers outside the safeguards of a secure supply chain and put consumers at risk to buying drugs that may be counterfeit or otherwise unsafe.
The agency will continue working with our regulatory counterparts around the world, as well as international and domestic law enforcement officials to track down counterfeiters and traffickers with the goal of bringing them to justice and ensuring that patients have access to safe, effective and high-quality prescription drugs.

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