Eat and plank your way to a slimmer waistline in just four weeks with Dr. Oz’s 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge. Find out what to eat and when to eat it during the day to help you get the results you deserve. Plus, accompany the food challenge with a plank challenge from celebrity fitness trainers to tone up your waist along the way.

Dr. Oz Explains the 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge

Watch as Dr. Oz tells you everything you need to know before starting his 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge.

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On the 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge, you’ll never go hungry. Dr. Oz shows guests Patricia and Flavia how to make a nutritious veggie flush drink that you can enjoy all day long.

Perfect the Plank

Trainer Holly Rilinger demonstrates how to do to seven variations of the plank to help you strengthen your core.

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Planks are one of the most effective balance and core-strengthening exercises you can do. Try this ab-firming workout with celebrity fitness trainer Holly Rilinger.