The Day-Off Diet

Get results that last with this plan that helps you keep the weight off for good!

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Now that you’re on the Day-Off Diet, you might have some questions about the nitty-gritty details. Wondering what to eat after exercising? Concerned about protein? Get the answers to these and some of the more frequently asked questions from Dr. Oz!

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Day-Off Diet Instructions

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Day-Off Diet Recipes

Prep yourself for success with these options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Day-Off Diet Breakfasts

    Wake up and start your day on the right foot with these easy, healthy Day-Off Diet recipes. Whether you are looking to eat or drink your breakfast, there are options for both so you can't lose. Eggs...

  • Day-Off Diet Lunches and Dinners

    With this many options, planning out lunch and dinner for the week will be a breeze! Try one of these Day-Off Diet recipes for a healthy meal for both lunch and dinner. Each one is packed with...

  • Day-Off Diet Snacks

    Don't panic in between meals if hunger strikes. These healthy Day-Off Diet recipes are a simple, healthy way to curb cravings without having to hit the vending machine. Whether you are looking for...

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