Dr. Oz's Detox Guide

Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or a quick way to reset your diet and health, these tips and tools will help you reach your goal.

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How to Detox

The foolproof tips and recipes to try a detox today.

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Dr. Oz walks you through his 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse. Get the plan, recipes and shopping list to start this safe and effective detox today!

Detox Foods You Have at Home

Clean up your eating for cheap with these detox staples you already have in your kitchen.

Eat Yourself Young

Detox from the inside out with these foods that promote healthy hair and skin.

Skip the Sweets

Eliminate sugar from your diet and see immediate results by kicking your sweet tooth.

Dr. Oz’s Sugar Detox

There’s some sour news about the sweet stuff. Excess consumption of sugar can lead to an increased risk for high blood...


Dr. Oz’s 4-Week Soda Detox

Soda is an addictive stimulant. Break the cycle with this plan.

Customized Calendar Plans

Pick your detox length–a few days, weeks, or month to rehab your bad habits for good.