Dr. Oz's Facing Addiction Over Dinner

This month, join the fight against addiction by participating in the National Night of Conversation. Here are the resources to help.

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Learn more about addiction and what you can do to fight against this disease.

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Dr. Oz talks to people whose lives have been affected by addiction at the Unite to Face Addiction Rally in Washington, D.C. Plus, rock stars Joe Walsh, Steven Tyler, and Sheryl Crow show their support for addiction awareness.

The Facts

Get important information on opioid addiction and how it can affect your family.

Real Stories of Addiction

Hear the stories of struggle, survival, and recovery.


Learn more about addiction and recovery from Facing Addiction Over Dinner's partners.

Facing Addiction

Find out more about this organization and watch the Facing Addiction concert.

Relax After Your Meal

Drugs Over Dinner

Learn more about how to discuss drugs and addiction with your children over dinner, here.