In a year-long experiment, 40 committed dieters put 10 of the most popular diets to the test. Take a look at what they tried to help reach your own goals!

Diet Countdown

Watch Dr. Oz kick off The Great Diet Showdown and see which plans really worked.

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Guest Joy shares her experience on the French diet, including a sample meal plan. She reveals what she felt was the hardest part of the diet and then Dr. Oz outlines the pros and cons of the diet.

The Probiotic Diet

Find out how to fill your meals with healthy probiotic foods.

The Protein Shake Diet

Find out how to follow this nutrient-rich eating plan.

The Elimination Diet

Certain foods may trigger inflammation in the body. Try this diet to feel better from the inside out.

The Vegan Eating Kit

Here's how to start a vegan lifestyle and easy tricks to stay on track.

5 Foods Every Diet Needs

No matter what kind of plan you're on - these healthy staples will come in handy.

Pick a Plan

Find out which Dr. Oz diet plan is right for your lifestyle so you can get results without depriving yourself.