New Uses for Everyday Things

Smart tips and tricks for common ingredients found in your kitchen.

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See how these everyday items turned into creative problem solvers in a flash.

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Dr. Oz scours social media for new ways to use vinegar to clean all sorts of everyday items in your home.

Dr. Oz’s Picks

Solve everyday problems in a flash with these simple solutions that cover every issue.

Household Staples

Ingredients found in your pantry and closet double as undercover house helpers.

Incredible Uses for Club Soda

Incredible Uses for Club Soda

Looking for a natural product that can clean all sorts of surfaces and improve the quality of a pancake? Then look no further...

Surprising Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly

Surprising Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly

The iconic tub of petroleum jelly has always been your lips’ closest confidant in the driest of times, but now it’s time to...

Budget Boosters

Solve everyday cleaning and cooking dilemmas with these pantry staples.

Easy Ways to Use Epsom Salt

Hassle-free tips to brighten your complexion, boost your hair and much more.

Baking Soda Hair and Skin Savers

This kitchen staple is a simple fix for everything from oily strands to acne help.

Natural Home Helpers

Chemical-free cleaning solutions, plus remedies to feel better fast.