Simple Steps for a Healthy Heart

It’s time to listen to your heart! Learn how small changes can make you feel healthier from the inside out.

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Your Healthy Heart Kit

The heart health essentials you need to help promote cardiovascular function.

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  • Dr. Oz’s Heart Health Worksheet

    This two-page worksheet will help you understand your heart disease risk and teach you ways to reduce it.

  • Your Heart’s Lucky 7 Numbers

    When it comes to heart disease in America, the odds are scary. One in every 4 women will die from this condition. Don’t leave your heart health up to chance. Learn the indicators of heart disease...

  • Foods Your Heart Will Love

    By Marc Gillinov, MD, Cardiac Surgeon at Cleveland Clinic and StevenNissen, MD, Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland ClinicDr. Gillinov and Dr. Nissen are authors of...