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  • What State Is Your Dry Skin In?

    Presented by Eucerin. Dr. Oz uncovers various dry skin types, and viewers share their dry skin stories. Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi shares what our skin can tell us about water loss. Learn how...

  • DIY Skin Scrub

    Save some cash with this skin scrub that works for both normal and sensitive skin.


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  • Does Your Dry Skin Need A New Partner?

    Presented by Eucerin. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi shares what skin care needs she’s seen change in her patients over her 20 years of practice. Dr. Tanzi gives free skin...

  • How to Help Stop the Eczema Itch-Scratch Cycle

    Presented by Eucerin. Hear from several viewers about their eczema stories. Then, Dr. Oz takes us through a lifecycle of an eczema flare up to demonstrate what the skin feels like when it’s dry and...

  • Have You Ever Wanted to Hide Your Dry Skin From the World?

    Presented by Eucerin. Kelly always struggled with dry skin, but realized how self-conscious she’d become after she chose a long-sleeve wedding dress to hide her arms! Then her mom, Kathy,...

  • Our Shared Traits: Alicia and Kate’s Story

    Alicia and her daughter Kate share a special bond thanks to their mutual art appreciation. They also bond over something else -- their dry skin issues. Learn about the Eucerin product they trust the...