Fit in 5

Improve Balance


Get your body in alignment, release tension and improve your balance with this 5-minute routine from celebrity trainer, Joel Harper.

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  • Erase Back Tension

    Ease lower back pain and strengthen at the same time. Joel Harper has developed a fitness routine designed to evaporate tension in just 5 minutes.
  • Core Workout

    Get washboard abs in no time and feel confident in your bathing suit. Celebrity personal trainer, Joel Harper, developed a five minute fitness series just for you.
  • Chest Sculpting

    Breakout your strapless dresses! This fast and effective chest workout from Joel Harper will keep you looking fit and trim for that little black dress and beyond.
  • Calorie-Burning Workout

    Get a quick and effective cardio workout in only 5 minutes! Celebrity trainer Joel Harper shows you how to get in shape at home, even with a busy schedule.
  • Butt Booster

    Give your butt a boost in no time! Celebrity personal trainer Joel Harper has developed a fast and easy fitness routine that will get your glutes in shape.
  • Toned Thighs

    In this video, Joel Harper walks you through a thigh workout that will get you in your skinny jeans in no time!
  • Fit Arms

    Joel walks you through a fast yet effective arm workout. Get toned, sleek, sexy arms in only 5 minutes!

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