7 Different Ways to Do a Push-Up

Tired of the same old workout moves? Spice up your fitness routine and challenge yourself with these push-up variations.

7 Different Ways to Do a Push-Up

By Toni Gasparis

Push-ups are a great way to tone your whole body during a workout. Usually people get bored after a couple of push-ups, because they don’t know how many push-up variations there actually are to continue to challenge themselves and build muscle. Strengthen your arms, legs, and core by learning how to do these seven powerful push-up moves.

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Standard Push-Up

This move is a push-up in its most basic form and essential to master in order to progress to the other push-up variations. Start with your body propped up on your toes with your hands on the ground and your arms shoulder-width apart. Using your arms as support, lower your body until your arms have reached a 90-degree angle. Push up into your starting position and repeat. Make sure when doing this move you squeeze your core to help your body stay level as you move and to help this exercise be effective.

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