9 HIIT Exercises to Get Fit

Find out how to get fit without the gym, here!

9 HIIT Exercises to Get Fit

By Toni Gasparis

High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is a highly effective workout method. Here’s how it works: you do a variety of exercise moves intensely for 30 seconds and then to rest for 10 seconds. This routine gets your heart rate up and your body going. If you want to get healthy and fit without the hassle of the gym, try out some of these exercises.

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A more advanced exercise move, burpees help strengthen multiple parts of your body and require concentration to perform the various parts. Start by standing up with your hands at your sides. Then quickly squat down so your hands touch the floor. Kick your legs back to form a pushup position and then do one pushup. Swing your legs back under into a squat. Then, pop up and jump into your starting standing position. Repeat this move once or twice until your 30 second timer runs out: As you become stronger you will be able to do more of them in the small time period.

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