9 Yoga Moves That Will Help You Sleep Better

Try these postures to beat your insomnia before bedtime.

9 Yoga Moves That Will Help You Sleep Better

Many yoga poses can alleviate stress and tension and calm the mind and body, helping you fall and stay asleep through the night. Next time you’re tossing and turning, roll out your yoga mat and practice these moves to get the restorative rest you deserve. If you have any injuries, conditions, or concerns, consult your physician or healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program.

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Head to Knee Forward Bend

A variation of the seated forward bend, the head to knee forward bend might be an easier pose if you are unable to extend both legs in front of you while seated. As with the seated variation, sit on your yoga mat with your right leg extended but bend your left leg and rest your left foot on the side of your right knee or inner thigh. Stretch your left arm out and bring it close to or resting on your right foot. Let your stomach rest against your right thigh area, keep elbows off the mat, and rest your head on your right knee or on a yoga block. Be careful not to force your body into the bend or hunch your back.

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